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The exam will take place within your dance class on Tuesday 23rd and Wednesday 24th of April 2024.

Before 2020, students from all of CH Dance classes used to attend the exam session on a Saturday and performed in groups in front of an official examiner.

Due to Covid 19 the examining board have allowed video submissions so schools don't have to gather all students in one place. I have found this beneficial, as the students don't get as nervous as there isn't an examiner sat in front them. Therefore they perform better.

The students will be put in groups and perform the routine(s) they have learnt in class. It will be filmed by myself and uploaded and sent securely to the UKA examining board to be graded by an official examiner.

Please can you fill in the form below to register your child for the dance exam.

You will see underneath the form a list of student names (in alphabetical order by first name) and the fee for each child.

Different grades have different prices. Payment needs to be made no later than 27th March.

These exams are graded by an official examiner from the UKA. CH Dance hold exam sessions twice a year to give the students something to work towards and also marks their progression as a dancer.

The dance presentation will be held on Sunday 15th June at Middleton Arena. Dancers will perform their dance routines and be presented with their certificate and medal.

Exam - Dancer Details:

Thanks for submitting!

Exam april 24 pic.jpg
Exam Grading.jpg

Massive well done to all CH Dance students who took their dance exam!

100% pass rate!

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