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CH Dance work closely with Dancefusion Creative Agency. We scout dancers in our classes for professional

work such as TV, commercials, music videos, film and much more. 

For more info and to see the work provided please check out 

Please see below some tips when applying for a professional dance agency and see FAQ's:

Do we accept everyone who applies?

No. We accept a select few children of different looks, abilities and ages.

Does the Agency charge Fees?


​Do you take commission?

The agency earns commission from paid work. We take 15% commission on all fees (excluding travel expenses). It is therefore in the agency's best interest to secure your child work where possible. We also encourage Kids to audition for unpaid work to gain invaluable experience in the industry.

​Once my child is registered, are they guaranteed paid work?

​Unfortunately not! No agency can possibly guarantee work, as they have no idea what work will come into their offices, so will never know in advance who a client may select for their assignment.  If an agency tells you they can guarantee your child work, then avoid them at all costs!  

What type of work am I likely to get?

We can not guarantee any work or auditions, however we usually work on commercials, TV shows, fashion shows and music videos.

​What happens once my child is registered with the agency?

After a successful application we will create your child's personal profile.  The Agency will put your child forward for all castings, auditions and events they meet the criteria for.  

Photo Tips & Guidelines

Agents and casting directors do not want to see children, “over-posed”. Take a look at these top tips. Try to stand near a plain wall or background too.

1. No hats - No headwear, hats or hairbands. “We get lots of babies submitted with huge headbands over the heads and this completely takes the focus away from a tiny baby. We don’t need anything like this in the shot. For older children, if the child has a hat on we can’t see the hair, and again, this is really important to the whole look.”

2. Sunglasses are a no-no - No sunglasses. “This is so common, but how can we see the colour of a child’s eyes by sunglasses taking over the shot? They may look cool, but from an agent’s point of view, we cant see what we need to see.”

3. Head up, shoulders straight - Head and shoulder shots are what we are looking for. “Photos taken in simple attire is always best with no make up or jewellery visible.”

4. Wear hair down - Hair down and as natural as possible – this means without product, too. Again, no make up or jewellery either.

5. No dress-up - Natural every day shots

6. Smiling and neutral expressions - Ensure some variation of images. “Images should be ideally one taken smiling and one taken neutral, as a person’s face shape changes dramatically when they are smiling.”


7. No face paint - No face paint or fancy dress costumes are necessary at all. “As an agent we can’t judge a child from such a picture, as we can’t see their face.”

8. The natural look is best - There is no need for make up “This makes them look too old. 



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